Saturday, 29 June 2013

Whiteboard pro on the iPad

On Friday after school I was playing around with whiteboard pro. I have upgraded a few photos from camp and from Rippa rugby. Here they are.


  1. Great work Josh. I liked the way how you've been doing a few changes around the place. My favorite one would be the one at camp. Because you replaced it with a sunny day rather than a boring rainy one. But I enjoyed camp as well. Well done.

  2. Awesome Joshua

  3. Great photos and drawing you did and did it herded when you jumped.
    well done josh.

  4. Awesome Josh
    I like the pictures
    They look so cool
    One question do you really think you are going to be an all black?

  5. Awesome work Josh,
    I like the awesome photos that you editedon the I pad.
    Do you like working on the I pad?
    Well done.

  6. Wow Josh great job there keep it up.
    The pictures are fantastic I like it your doing a incredible work your a star don't stop blogging okay Because I like what you have done with the pictures.

  7. Wow Josh.
    What incredible photos you have got there.
    They look so cool.
    You are very creative on the i-pad.
    My favorite one is the one of you playing rugby.
    The trophy in the background looks great and colorful.
    How did you get the idea?
    Well done, Keep it up:)

  8. Nice work Josh, the colors and your imagination are great.
    But why are your eyes closed?
    I bet you love your I pad.
    Well done. :-)

  9. Great work Josh! The photos look great, I like what you did with the Rippa rugby photo.
    Keep up the great work.

  10. Wow Josh you have done an awesome job I like how you have made yourself into an All Black!
    Keep up the great work. :)


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