Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Reading time line

This is a time line for my reading, each time I finish a story I have to add an event. Here is the link to create your time line

Monday, 23 April 2012

The employees revenge

The employees revenge. on Storybird For our holiday home work we had to make a story bird, a story bird is a web site that you can read little books and create a book. My story bird is about some employees who think their boss's are going to hard on them. here is the link to story bird.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bobby the cat's diary

   Bobby the cat’s diary

         Monday 3rd April
6.00am  Tease the dog
7.00am Cat food
8.00 Hide ‘n’ seek
10.00am Relax
12.00pm Climb the tree
12.30pm Relax
2.50pm Scratch school kids
3.05pm Catch birds and mice
5.10pm Cat food
5.20pm Explore the street
8.00pm Run from the dog
9.00pm Sleep

Real life angry birds

This is my summarizing of real life angry birds A Twelve-year-old British boy, Sam Beards creates real life angry birds. He got the real life angry birds from his phone. Instead of a sling shot he used his dad's pumpkin cannon that he built for Halloween. He sent Dorian along with his sister Jessica, and brothers Ben and Davy, who joined in helping him paint and decorate the pumpkins, Within just an hour after they began, Sam was ready to fire his first 'Angry Bird-Pumpkin Sam is no longer constantly hunched over his iPhone playing the video version but instead he is out on the farm playing the real life game. Angry birds
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