Friday, 14 June 2013

Lonely Ghost Storybird

Here is a Storybird that I created It is called the lonely ghost


  1. Awesome Josh
    Cool storybird I like how when the bully calls him ice-cream
    you add the guy that looks like ice-cream to say that he does not look like ice-cream Keep the great work up

  2. Wow Josh awesome story bird.
    I liked how you put a cup cake exterminator in.
    Well done:o

  3. That is So funny josh. I like the idea of the cup cake exterminator. So funny. :-)

  4. I like the Lonely ghost story bird Josh.
    It's a really good story,
    where did you get the pictures from Josh?
    The Cup Cake Exterminator sounds really cool,
    it's also short for the C.C.E (Cup Cake Exterminator).
    Keep up the good work Josh!

  5. Great storybird josh. Were did you get the picture of the cup cake exterminator?
    Keep up the the great work!

  6. Awesome josh!
    I really like your story!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  7. That is a great story bird Josh I like it.
    It is a awesome story you made and you are doing great making a story.
    Also that is a fantastic picture did you draw that because that is amazing.
    Keep the good work up josh because that is fantastic bloggers Josh.

  8. Great story bird Joshua it was very creative.
    Well Done.


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