Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Bittern Q&A

Q:Why do you think the bird was flying to grandads swamp?
A:For a place to live because the neighbours were draining their swamps.

Q1:What is”a funny feeling?
A1:It is a feeling that you get when you are nervous
Q2:Have you ever had a funny feeling?
A2: I have had a funny feeling before the inter schools.
Q3:What might it mean?
A3: It might mean that you are nervous.

Q:how do you think other farmers would react to his decision?
A:They would think he is a useless and lazy farmer.

Q:What might the impact of his decision on the Bittins.   
A:Saving a place for the Bittins to live.

Q1:Why would it matter if” everyone drained their swamps”?
A1:It would matter because the Bittins would have nowhere to live.
Q2:What would be the result?
A2:The Bittins would move away from the area because there would be no food, (Worse) they will become extinct.
Q3: Why do you think Grandad cared about that?
A3:Grandad was thinking about the future for the Bittins.

Here is a link to a very good post on the Bittern

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Production diary part 1

Day 1
I was waiting in room 19 waiting for my part in our production. They start calling out the medallists. I was hoping my name would get called out."And the last person for the medallists is Joshua.” 

“Yes I said to myself in my head, I’m a gold medallist. I head to room 20 (My home room) We sort out the people who are going to be who. I am Mahe Drysdale.

Day 2
I head to my Production room. Our part is called Parkvale goes wild. When I get to our room the start of our script is ready. In our production time we just got our script ready. I tried to memorise my script off by heart that day but it was pretty hard.

Day 3
I get my script out, ready for when Mr M comes in. When he gets here we head to the hall, I was scared we were going to do it in front of all of everyone else. Instead we just go into room 21 and practised. Then we came and did it on stage.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Olympic vase

This is my Olympic Vase I made on the 2012 Olympics. He got the idea from
Room 5's blog. Here is the link to the Room 5 blog.Here is some photos of my one.

This is my story to go with the vase.
NZ is hanging behind, oh no I might
be wrong. They are passing the other teams, here they come.NZ take the gold.
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