Monday, 13 August 2012

London Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012

The London Olympic 2012 Opening Ceremony

Hello newspaper viewers, I am your news reporter for today on the 2012
Olympic opening ceremony.

In 2011 Danny Boyle had the idea to create the 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony. Many hours were put into the opening ceremony but he has made the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony successful, with 4 hours of entertainment. Last night the Olympic opening ceremony caught heaps of peoples eyes with beautiful colours and wonderful actors.

There were 7, 500 volunteers for the opening ceremony. Bradley Wiggins the tour De France winner rang the bell. The Olympic rings were dazzling
like diamonds. James Bond and Queen Elizabeth parachuted out of a helicopter. The Olympic torch has just entered the stadium and now has just lit the cauldron. Who is making the keyboard sound? It is Mr Bean, now he is trying to get a tishoo to blow his nose.

Here comes all of the countries. Here comes New Zealand. Nick Willis is holding the New Zealand flag, every one from NZ cheers. All of the other countries come out with their flag. fireworks come out from everywhere, the stadium lights up like it is day time. The giant rings join together and light up.

The opening ceremony has been so spectacular. All of the countries trying their best to earn a medal especially New Zealand. I can’t wait to see the closing ceremony, I hope it will be as catchy as the opening ceremony.   

Thank you for reading my newspaper article about the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.


  1. Cool Josh
    I like how you have it in paragraphs

  2. Great Josh. Your London Olympic opening ceremony writing is very good. I like how you put the main parts like Bradley Wiggins. Very Cool! Josh


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