Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Man vs Wild part two

    Man vs wild Part two

I have slept through the night not that well, the river flooded and all my stuff went with it. I heard the river rising so I moved up to higher ground but I forgot my stuff so that means I have got no supplys. I carry on with my adventure. I’m amazed with all the stuff I’ve seen, Tarantulas and a wolf fish. Right Time for breakfast, what’s on the menu. Cricket pancakes, spider crumble and left over huhu grubs. I start to make my campfire to cook my breakfast but something moves in the bush it looks like something with a green thing on it. Hey is anyone here, oh thank goodness it’s someone of my own type. “Hi what’s your name?
“Steve” That’s a nice name “What’s your name? Johnny, where have you come from? I'm part of the search and rescue squad. Hurray!! I’m saved, but where is your helicopter. It’s hovering over there, lets head over there now. 30 minutes later. Are we nearly there? “yep it is hovering right over top of us”. Yay I’m saved I’m finally saved! “Pass down the rope ladder Let’s climb up, “ok” So where are we going now “Hawkes bay Woohoo I finally get to go to Hawkes bay.
“Watch out we're going down I repeat we are going down” CRASH!

To be continued                      


  1. Wow Josh it like the one on TV its great.

  2. I like how he ended up in the Hawkes Bay!

    What happens next, Josh? Will he have to survive on Te Mata Peak using the fossils of ancient shellfish? Cannot wait :)

    I also think you should have a Man vs Wild label so we can find each chapter easily.


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