Monday, 8 April 2013

Cricket - Energy \ Beans

Crack! I hit the ball with all of my power, It roles to the boundary line. I  block a ball that seems to come down to me at 100KM per hour. My bat hits it with a crack, I look at the new chery on my bat.
I can just taste the victory salivating  on my tongue.  I get ready to face the 6th ball of the over, I get ready to crack the ball in half. I hit  the ball like a pro, it travels to the long boundary A fielder chasing after it, I ran 2 runs before it hits the boundary.  The 13 overs are up I head off for drinks break.

I  strode back onto the pitch ready to start the 14th over.  
I block the first ball. It rolls straight back to the bowler. He walks back to his marker for his run up. He runs in at full speed, I hit it to a fielder  He thinks it might be his chance to get me out the, good thing is that he dropped it.  
“Last over” the umpire shouts out. I get ready to bash the ball, I hit it, oh no it’s going to hit my other  batsman's foot I yell out “move out of the way” he quickly steps to the side and it speeds to the boundary. I have reached my thirty runs, I have to retire.
The rest of my team-mates make a cricket bat guard of honour for me to walk through. I hold my head high. My team congratulates me and gives me high fives.  

By Joshua  


  1. Great job and really good words you used great job Josh.

  2. Awesome story Josh your word are really cool
    Well done


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