Friday, 11 May 2012

Man vs wild part 1

Man vs wild
I’m tramping through thick bush and hearing birds squawking, and frogs croaking. Suddenly I hear this really weird sound. I walk closer and closer “ahhh!!!”  Thud, phew I'm alive I just fell down a 20 metre drop, I’ve got cuts and bruises everywhere. I start walking again with pain and shaking with fear. I walk towards the noise that got closer and closer, there it is a big Komodo dragon. I carried on past it, trying not to disturb it.

I could see the Amazon rainforest ahead. I was up really high and I have to go down a long way. I start walking down but I stop because I feel something on my foot. I look at it and there it is a tarantula. Nervously, I pick it up. It felt really fluffy like a teddy bear. I put it on the ground,, I need to get on with it I’ve only got 3 hours left until it’s night.

(1 hour later) Sigh. I’ve been walking for ages and the Amazon rainforest is nowhere near me. I’ve seen lots of stuff on my way but it is nearly nighttime, only 30 minutes away. I start moving faster and faster but as I thought I was about to make it I fell down into a river. I tried swimming up but the current was too fast so I just had to go with it. In a couple of minutes I saw a slow patch of water so I swam over into it and climbed out. It is nearly night time I’ve only got 10 minutes left. I start making a tent out of wood and lots of leaves, I tried to catch some food. The only luck of catching food was finding a piranha, a wolf fish, catfish and a huhu grub. I Started building a fire. I find some pieces of wood. Soon enough it is time for me to go to bed.
                                      Night, night.    



  1. Wow Josh, what a great story, I love the words you have used,great descriptions of what is happening it makes me want to read more... You must really enjoy writing? Keep it up Mum

  2. I am really impressed with the words you are using too, Josh. Such great verbs and nouns which really make the action come alive for the reader.

    I look forward to reading Part 2!

  3. Awesome Josh, I like that you have used the MAN vs WILD as your theme. Is part 2 going to be the exciting story as this one or completely different?

  4. Great story Josh, I felt like I was there with you. You have used some good descriptive language. I look forward to the next part. Well done Josh :)


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