Saturday, 9 November 2013

Dot Art

For my calender art I chose my dot art work. We had to trace our face and then colour in the dots.
Here is my art:


  1. Wow Josh!
    You are such an amazing artist.
    I really like the onomatopoeia word you used which was BOOM!
    I also like the little speech bubble saying that the evil side has returned.
    Did you trace it or draw it?
    I really like the way you have presented it.
    With a clear looking photo and a really short introduction at the top.
    It is a great choice for your calender art.
    Did you enjoy making it?
    I really like the bright colors.
    They really make you art outstanding.
    Is the art you in your school uniform?
    It looks as if it is.
    The huge grin on t your face looks as if you are really happy.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome work Josh!
    I like the black and green bombs,
    I never new you were evil.
    Keep up the awesome posts!

  3. Amazing work Josh.
    I like your art.
    I like the complementary colors that you used.
    Did you enjoy creating it?
    Great onomatopoeia word.
    Great drawing.
    Keep the great work up!

  4. I like the amazing work you have done Josh.
    I like the Boom word cause it's a verb keep up the great blog going.

  5. nice job josh and I like all over it
    keep it up josh


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