Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The two wildebeests



                                        Here is the second part of my story


                                                   Here is my story

      “Come on man, lets cross the river,” said the wildebeest.

“Nah, there’s a crocodile,” said the other wildebeest.

“No, it’s a log,” said the wildebeest.

“See it’s a crocodile, I bet you it will move when I punch it,” said the other wildebeest.
“Nope, it’s a log,” said the wildebeest.
“Listen to me man, it’s a crocodile!” said the other wildebeest.
“No, it’s a floating log,” said the first wildebeest.
“Look, I will poke it with this stick and then it will come and eat you.” said the other wildebeest.
“Haa, haa, I was right, It’s a log,” said the wildebeest.
“Look, I will jump on it and I bet that it is a crocodile,” The other wildebeest jumps.
“Maybe you were right it was a log,” said the other wildebeest.
“You were right, it was a crocodile.” said the alive wildebeest.

“Hey dad,” said the wildebeest.
“Hi son, is that a log?”

To be continued...


  1. Great post Josh. I like the text messages that you did. And great story. Well done.

  2. Great Text messaging Josh!
    I like the way you have proof read it.
    And punctuated the missing punctuation.
    That video was funny wasn't it?
    Everyone did a great job at writing the story.
    Well done, keep up the great work:)

  3. Wow Josh,
    That was such a great story!
    I like the way you put 2 ifakes into complete to the story.
    I also like the way that you said to be continued:)
    Well done!!!

  4. WOW!!!
    That is just amazing.
    Great story to go with the video.
    I like how you tried http://iphonefaketext.com/.
    Keep up the great work Josh.


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