Thursday, 9 February 2012


Have you ever felt the hot runny sweat dripping down your head from sprinting?
Well have you ever heard the orchestra of insects and birds?
That was summer

Have you ever heard the bees buzzing all around you or 
Have you ever felt the itchy dead grass driving you crazy?
Have you ever dived into the pool and it felt like ice?
That was summer

Have you ever been to the beach to feel the silky sand
squelching between you’re toes,
and coming home with a sun burnt nose?
Remember the smell of the BBQ and the hot muggy nights.
That was summer.


  1. The "silky sand squelching..." is superb alliteration. I can smell the BBQ and feel the hot muggy nights.

  2. Good job using alliteration joshua

  3. great job on your writing I love it your writing it great


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